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Facebook page.

Hey everyone, Just a quick check in, to say that I would love for any of my followers here, to pop over to Facebook (if you have it) and give my page a like. I post daily, often more than once. It's far easier for me to pop a quick post on there, than it… Continue reading Facebook page.

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Untitled ramblings.

It's just gone 1am, and my mind is a hive of activity. Despite being so overwhelmingly tired and should really get to bed, I just can't stop my mind from overthinking and over analysing stuff. The last couple of days, have been so hard. Depression is genuinely crushing me, to the point where sometimes I… Continue reading Untitled ramblings.

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Monday Madness

Ugh. That's the general feels for today.... just, ugh. It's been a really hard, draining, stressful day. From the moment I woke up, to right now, I've struggled with literally everything. Getting out of bed this morning, was super tough, as I just felt so achey and heavy, I very nearly just didn't bother getting… Continue reading Monday Madness

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Real, raw and honest….

Feeling pretty pants tonight if I'm honest; still full of cold/flu germs, and despite a pretty chilled day, I'm just so drained and exhausted. All we did today was have baths, and I changed the beds. But its wiped me out. Have only just got J to bed and asleep (11.20pm!!) after a failed attempt… Continue reading Real, raw and honest….

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Holding on, just.

Hi all, Thought I'd check in whilst I had 5 minutes to sit and write; things are, in a word, tough. I'm tired; so very tired. J has been all over the place with her sleep lately, and it's having such a huge impact on me now. I literally feel like I'm broken. There's not… Continue reading Holding on, just.

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Living my best life….

Hey peeps, My regular day for posting was going to be Sundays, but I felt the need to write today, so here I am! Today has been a crazy day, starting with a new tattoo (covering up 2 old ones), an epic fall out with someone I thought was a friend, a cheeky toddler who… Continue reading Living my best life….